Ben Norton

I was born in Nottingham in 1997, but after spending the first nine years of my life there I’ve gone on to live in London, Grantham and now Loughborough, where I currently study at Loughborough Grammar School.

I first became interested in cards generally while playing whist with my grandparents (although after making the progression to bridge they wouldn’t follow suit, so I’m the only one in my family who plays). I then learnt how to play in my first and second years at LGS, and have since developed at my local club – Loughborough Bridge Club and at school during lunchtimes.

After regularly playing at my club, I was lucky enough to be invited to several training weekends with the England U20s team, which I went to for one and a half years before being selected to make my debut in the Peggy Bayer in 2013 playing with Rhys Munden. I’ve always been very aggressive and often erratic at the bridge table, due to my passion for the game, but I’m working hard to calm down and be less impulsive.

I also love football, and adore my team Manchester United, and someday I hope to be a football journalist or commentator. Apart from that there’s not much else to know, I don’t really get time for much else!

Last updated: November 2013

Since writing this biography Ben's main achievements have been appearing for the England Under 21 in the European Championships in 2015 and the Under 26 team in the World Championships in 2016, plus victories in the Channel Trophy and Peggy Bayer events. He was the recipient of the 2015 Young Pair of the Year Award with Sam Behrens.

Major International Selections
Junior European Championships: 2015
Junior World Championships: 2016

Peggy Bayer Trophy Selections: 2013 2014 2015 and 2016