Claire Robinson

Claire is originally from Newcastle but has lived in London for many years. She is Head of Maths in a large London prep school. Claire learnt to play bridge originally over a lunch table in her previous career at the Bank of England but then did not at that point take up the game. She began actively playing in 2012 by first going along to duplicates at the Andrew Robson Bridge Club and avidly reading every bridge book she could find. Claire was soon addicted, playing bridge in every spare moment. She has even recently persuaded her mum to have a go and learn the game.

Claire formed a partnership with Heather Bakhshi in 2014 and they have been playing together ever since under the watchful eye of Claire’s partner bridge player Nick Boss and Heather’s husband David. When not playing bridge Claire plays poker (Las Vegas is her favourite place in the world) and loves to swim fast and play tennis.

Last updated: April 2017

Lady Milne selections: 2017