Liz Fraser

One of Britain’s most popular comic actresses, Liz Fraser has sixty-three film appearances to her credit. Recently she has appeared in episodes of Foyle’s War, Doctors and Holby City on television.
How did you start playing bridge?
In the early ’60s I went to play golf at the Mill Hill golf course, and was intrigued by the funny card game some ladies were playing. So I got a book and taught myself in three days! I was helped by having a good grasp of card games, especially whist, as I had played a lot when evacuated during the war.
How often do you play?
Not as often as I would like now that my regular partner has moved to Spain. I still manage the occasional Monday and Wednesday at Young Chelsea, my favourite club.
What does bridge mean to you?
I enjoy the competitive side of bridge, so even when I go on a bridge holiday as I will this Christmas, with Hilton, I look for a good game.
What are your other hobbies?
Bowls, golf, charity work, and especially walking. Usually I walk my basset hound two hours a day.
Name up to six people you would invite to your Dream Dinner Party.
It would be six people who don’t play bridge! I think bridge players are extremely boring, since for the most part their conversation starts with: ‘You hold . . .’