Will Roper

I’m 22 years old and have been playing bridge for a decade. I am in the latter stages of an Engineering degree with a lot of bridge on the side.

I am part of the English junior squad and mention should go to the unfortunate souls Chris Derrick & Matt Jones who have had to put up with me. In more recent times I have been playing with Alexandra Birchall, whom I also live with. She has been trying to teach me how to bid for several years now….with little success.

My favourite event and biggest regret simultaneously is the Spring Foursomes. My least favourite event is any that I am running at the YC. Directing is not my speciality. I have a love-hate relationship with bidding systems. I love learning and creating them. My partners hate me for trying to foist these contraptions onto them.

Apart from bridge, although there is little else, I enjoy watching various sports and strolling around Kew Gardens with Alex.

Last updated: November 2016