Events for less experienced players

We run a number of events for less experienced players, intended as an introduction to more competitive bridge. There is no lower limit, other than the player being comfortable playing unassisted, although in some cases the field may be a little stronger than others, so particularly inexperienced players may be a bit too far out of their 'comfort zone'. The upper limit on a players experience may vary based on the specific event, but in general they will have only been playing the game for a few years, and have little or no experience of ‘tournament bridge’. Players are probably below the rank of Master and lower than a Jack on the NGS. In some instances a more experienced player may partner a novice – please check with us prior to entering.

Really Easy Congress 2018

Hilton Hotel, Warwick/Stratford-upon-Avon
This Really Easy Congress Event is aimed at 'less experienced' players.

There is no lower limit on ability, and all who have reached a level where they are playing unassisted in a club are welcome, though we anticipate that most players will be a seven or higher on the NGS.

At the upper end of the spectrum, we would expect that the stronger players would still be 'inexperienced'. They must be no higher than a Jack on the NGS, and should ideally have little/no experience of green-point events, and are likely to be below the rank of Master.

Jack High Swiss Pairs

At the Easter Festival in London
This new event is aimed at club players who are interested in taking the first steps into congress bridge but who may have found it daunting to jump straight into a major congress event.
In order to qualify to play in this event, you must have an NGS of no higher than ‘Jack’ at the time of entering. We envisage that at the lower end, players will be ‘7’ or higher. The event will be stratified too so that there are extra Master Points and an extra prize available for pairs of players both ranked ‘9’ or lower.
The format will be six 6-board matches with a break after three matches.

Really Easy Overseas Congress

At the Bridge Overseas Congress in Andalucia, in October 2018, there will be events parallel to the main competitions, aimed at less experienced players. These will be open to all - EBU members and non-members alike.

Really Easy Weekends

The Really Easy Weekends are 'house parties', designed for more experienced novice players of up to approximately 5 years experience.

The emphasis on these weekends is on play and socialising. There are four bridge sessions - Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening will be normal pairs sessions; on Sunday we will play a Swiss Pairs competition. There will be an optional instructional session on Saturday morning. For the event at Wroxton in April 2018 there is an option to arrive on Thursday, with additional bridge sessions on Thursday evening and Friday morning.

We suggest that they are most suited to players who are ranked below Master, and whose NGS grading is lower than a Jack. Whilst there is no lower limit on a player's ability, they should be comfortable playing in a 'club setting' and should note that the standard may be higher than at some of the other Really Easy events.

The dates for Really Easy Weekends in 2018 are:
6th to 8th April 2018 - Wroxton House Hotel, near Banbury

Event webpage

Really Easy Congress at the Summer Meeting

There is no Summer Meeting at Eastbourne in 2018. We will hold an event for less experienced players during the summer of 2018, but its dates and format are not known at present.

Improvers events at YCBA congresses

Three congresses are run by Yorkshire CBA on behalf of the EBU, and at each of these there is an 'improvers' event.

Harrogate Spring Congress
- February, Harrogate
Northern Easter Festival - Easter weekend, Ilkley
Great Northern Swiss Pairs - October, Leeds

Please see the event webpage for details, and make entries directly to the YCBA.

Entering an event

To enter a Really Easy event (excluding the YCBA events listed above) please contact the EBU Competitions Department - or 01296 317203/219. For the Really Easy Weekends your accommodation should be booked directly with the hotel.

To join a Blue Point Holiday please book directly with Bridge Overseas via the Accommodation Booking Service.


At all our events for less experienced players only level 2 systems may be played.

An example 'level 2' system card is available here. It is not exhaustive but shows some of the conventions which are permitted.


If you are looking for lessons - whether to learn some of the basics or to take your game to the next level - please visit the English Bridge Education and Development website.