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Scoring a Pairs Event

Bridgemate Scoring

We assume here that you are using Bridgemates, and not one of the other Wireless systems.
If you use another system, click on the 'Admin' tab to set this up.


To get going, click in turn on the three buttons in the bottom left of the window…

  1. (Optional) 'Set BCS Options'. This allows you to change, for example, the way your Bridgemates record and display information.
    If you don't use this, EBUScore should use the same settings that you last used.
  2. 'Create Database', and confirm.
  3. 'Launch BCS'.

In principle, all you need to do now is to sit and wait while all the information comes from the players at the tables. In practice, of course, things don't always go so smoothly…

  • Player Names:
    You might need to manually enter names of players that perhaps don't know their EBU number or Club ID.
    You might yet be able to do this through the Bridgemate Control Software [BCS], but alternatively you can 'Return' to the Event Menu, and go to the 'Player Names' page to enter/amend names.
  • Amending Scores:
    Again, in most cases this can be done either through BCS, or at the bridgemates themselves. But in some cases you might need to 'Return' to the Event Menu, and go to the 'Enter Scores' page to make amendments.
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