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Scoring a Pairs Event

Displaying Results on the Internet

If you use BridgeWebs, you need to click on 'Internet Functions' (circled) to create and upload a BridgeWebs file.

If you use Pianola, you need to click on 'Internet Functions' to create an EBU 'UMS' (fka 'P2P') file.

Otherwise, we assume that you have to create an 'HTM' file, which you or your webmaster will deal with in some way:

  • On the right hand side of the above screen, there is a list headed 'print to', with 'Notepad' selected. When you click on 'Display on Screen', this is why the results appear as a text file.
  • Select, instead, 'Web table' from the 'print to' list, and then click on 'Display on Screen'.
  • An HTM file opens up. The file has been saved in a folder called 'Reports' within your default folder. Unless you installed in a different folder, you should find it in C:\EBUScore\Pairs\Reports
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