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-Up until October, Jeff Smith'​s software can be downloaded from:+====== Downloading ====== 
 +When EBUScore is officially launched, then affiliated clubs will be able to download the various components via the Members Area. 
 +Up until October, and for a short '​overlap'​ period, Jeff Smith'​s software can be downloaded from:
 [[http://​​~jasmith/​download.htm]] [[http://​​~jasmith/​download.htm]]
 +Click on the '​Download'​ link corresponding to the program that you wish to download.\\
 +In later versions of Windows, this usually causes an installation file to be saved to your '​downloads'​ folder, but often with a button appearing at the bottom of your browser. ​ You will need to open this file.
 +It is likely that your Windows security / anti-virus software will raise some concerns about downloading from an unknown source, but just keep on saying '​Yes'​ to any 'are you sure?'​-type questions!
 +Eventually you will get the "Setup Wizard"​ which will ask you a few basic questions:
 +I suggest that you accept the default options in all cases, with the possible exception of the "​Destination Location":​
 +The default location will be "​C:​\PairsScorer"​ (or C:​\TeamsScorer,​ etc.)\\
 +Personally I prefer install the programs in a dedicated folder for all the programs, e.g.
 +"​C:​\JeffSmithScoring\PairsScorer",​ "​C:​\JeffSmithScoring\TeamssScorer",​ etc.
 +When downloading is complete, you will be asked whether you wish to launch PairsScorer.\\
 +If you are ready to go, leave the box ticked, and click on '​Finish'​...
 +Now try [[getting started]]
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