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Downloading EBUScore

EBUScore will be available free to all EBU affiliated clubs.

Clubs will have to go through the 'new' Members Area (a.k.a. 'My EBU') in order to download / upgrade EBUScore:

  1. 'My EBU' can be reached via the 'old' Members Area Login page*, and clicking on 'Try out our new Members Area', half way down the page; or by clicking here
    (* if you follow links to the old Members Area, and this bypasses the login area, you may need to 'Log Out' first)
  2. Login using the club's EBU affiliation number and password
  3. Click on the 'Utilities' Dropdown Menu header (circled in Red below), and select 'EBUSCore' (circled in Blue)

  • Click on the 'Download' link corresponding to the program that you wish to download.

In later versions of Windows, this usually causes an installation file to be saved to your 'downloads' folder, but often with a button appearing at the bottom of your browser. You will need to open this file.

It is likely that your Windows security / anti-virus software will raise some concerns about downloading from an unknown source, but just keep on saying 'Yes' to any 'are you sure?'-type questions!

  • Eventually you will get the “Setup Wizard” which will ask you a few basic questions:

I suggest that you accept the default options in all cases.

The default location will be “C:\EBUScore” - each program will be installed to a folder within this folder:
e.g. EBUScore Pairs will be installed into the folder “C:\EBUScore\Pairs”, etc.

  • When downloading is complete, you will be asked whether you wish to launch EBUScore.

If you are ready to go, leave the box ticked, and click on 'Finish'… Now try getting started

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