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 ===== Scoring a Pairs Event ===== ===== Scoring a Pairs Event =====
 ==== Entering Scores ==== ==== Entering Scores ====
 +Scores should be entered in the right hand column (headed '​Score'​),​ after which they will be transferred to the appropriate place on the traveller.\\
 +Scores can be entered either as raw bridge scores (+430, -120, etc.), or with full details of contract, etc.\\
 +If the tickbox 'Omit Last Zero' is checked, you only need to type (for example) '​43'​ or '​-12'​ for +430 and -120 to be recorded. ​ If you enter '​140',​ then N/S will get a huge score!\\
 +Switch between boards by clicking on the board number at the bottom. ​ Alternatively,​ hit '​*'​ on your number pad or '​N'​ for 'Next board';​ "/"​ on your number pad or '​P'​ for '​Previous board'​.\\
 +A full list of keystrokes that you can use, and the format for entering contracts, etc., can be shown by clicking on [[ScoreEntryHelp|'​Score Entry Help'​]] near the bottom right of the window.\\
 +The traveller lines are shown above in the order that the board was played. ​ This can be changed to 'NS Pair order' (for pre-numbered travellers) by checking the appropriate tickbox on the right.
 +When you have finished entering scores, click on '​Return'​ to get back to the [[eventmenu2|Event Menu]], where you might now wish to click on [[DisplayResults|'​Reports'​]] to display results.
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