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 {{:​screenshot_eventdetails.png?​400|}} {{:​screenshot_eventdetails.png?​400|}}
-This is where you can enter the event'​s basic details.\\ +The first time that you create an event, you will need to set up your club details:  ​Club name, EBU affiliation number, etc.\\ 
-The first time that you create an event, you will need to set up your club details ​as well - Club name, affiliation number, etc.\\ +If you don't know your club's number, click on 'Club Lookup'​. ​ This number is required for you to be able to upload results to the EBU!\\ 
-Ph+Contact details aren't essential, nor are the names of the director and scorer. 
 +After the first time, EBUScore will remember the details that you entered last time, and these will appear by default. ​ But if some details are likely to change from session to session, you can also save your 'club defaults'​ (e.g. your most regular director), using the button on the bottom left, which you can '​restore'​ if the last session that you scored had the wrong details. 
 +There are several '​advanced'​ settings that are available, e.g. for different methods of scoring or Master Point levels, which should be of little concern for everyday club events.\\ 
 +When you are satisfied that details are correct, click on OK, which will take you to the [[EventMenu|'​Event Menu'​]] 
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