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Scoring a Pairs Event

Event Menu

This is the Event Menu as it appears after you have selected a movement. If you have not yet chosen your movement, you need to click on 'Select Movement'.

Below is a summary of the buttons and their purposes. What you do next depends mainly on whether you are scoring manually or using wireless technology

  • 'Event Details' takes you back to the Event Details screen, should you wish to amend the name of the event, for example.
  • 'Player Names' takes you to where you can enter or amend the list of players in this event.
  • 'Select Movement' allows you to amend the movement - for example to change the number of rounds played, or number of arrowswitched rounds. If you have already started recording scores, any significant changes might cause you to lose those.
  • Multi-Session Links is greyed out, as this doesn't apply to single-session events.
  • Enter Scores allows you to enter table results manually, or amend existing results.
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