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~~NOTOC~~ ===== Scoring a Pairs Event ===== ==== Getting Started ==== The following page refers to EBUScore Pairs, for scoring normal Pairs events.\\ The methodology is very similar for the Teams and Individual programs. There is a little more to the 'Swiss' programs, but they nevertheless share a lot of the features. ==== Downloading ==== See the [[download_ebuscore|download]] page for downloading the software. At the conclusion of the download procedure, you will be given the opportunity to launch EBUScore automatically. But otherwise... ==== Launching ==== Different versions of Windows have different characteristics.\\ As part of the downloading procedure, you probably created a shortcut on your desktop. Double click on this, or find "PairsScorer" from your Start Menu.\\ Once you have launched, you will see the... ==== Main Menu ==== {{:screenshot_ebuscore_mainmenu.png?400|}} The main menu has seven items: * Pairs Events * Player Database * Movement Library * Import/Export Event * Masterpoints * Administration * Exit If you want to go straight into running an event, click on [[EventHistoryScreen|'Pairs Events']].\\ You might want to take a look at the Player Database first, but do not concern yourself (yet) with the next four buttons.\\ "Exit" should be self-explanatory!\\

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