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-Alan Dean of Keighley Bridge Club has produces ​some excellent documents ​to help scorers who are unfamiliar with Jeff Smith'​s software.\\ +Alan Dean of Keighley Bridge Club has produced ​some excellent documents ​on EBUScore.\\ 
-They can be found [[http://​​HowToScore/​scoring.htm#​page_top|here]]+They are available  ​[[http://​​HowToScore/​scoring.htm#​page_top|here]]\\ 
 +We are very grateful for the work that Alan has done on these, and for making them available to the general public. 
 +A guide has been produced recently to accompany courses on EBUScore. ​ It is not comprehensive,​ but covers a little bit more than the basics. ​ It can be found [[http://​​documents/​ebuscore/​manual.pdf|here]]\\ 
 +A more comprehensive,​ but less user-friendly reference guide on Jeff Smith'​s software can be found  
 +Although this was written for Jeff Smith'​s software, EBUScore is very similar, and most of the document will still be relevant. 
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