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 Yes.\\ Yes.\\
-...full answer pending...+In theory, EBUScore should work with: 
 +  * Bridgemate 
 +  * BridgePad 
 +  * BridgeScorer 
 +  * BridgePhone 
 +  * BridgeTablet 
 +  * ArcScorer 
 +However, our experience of all but the '​bridgemates'​ is very limited, as is our ability to test the capability of these products If you have any issues with the functionality,​ please e-mail <​>, and we will try to help, but cannot make any promises!\\ 
 +Conversely, if you have experience of working with other units and PairsScorer / EBUScore, and if you have any helpful suggestions to share, please e-mail us. 
 +To set up EBUScore to work with other wireless units, set up an event and go to the "​Bridgemate Scoring"​ screen:\\ 
 +  * In the top left hand corner is a drop-down menu headed 'Table Top Unit' This shows '​bridgemate'​ by default, but can be changed to any of the other units listed above.\\ 
 +  * Having changed this, you will also need to identify which program on your computer runs these units: ​ Click on the '​Admin'​ tab (to the right of '​Results',​ just below the 'table top unit' menu.\\ This shows '​BMPro.exe'​ (in the appropriate folder) as the application that runs the Bridgemates. ​ You will need to click on '​Browse',​ and find the appropriate application for your chosen units.\\ 
 +  * Note also on this page, the 'NBO Names File'​. ​ If you wish to allow visitors to your club to enter their names on the table-top units using their EBU numbers, this file needs to be identified and updated.\\ BMPro uses the BMPlayerDB.mdb file to look up visitor'​s EBU numbers. ​ Other applications will use their own file. 
 +  * Having identified the 'NBO Names File', you should, at some stage (not necessarily immediately),​ make sure it is up to date with the latest list of EBU members. ​ This is done from the '​Player Database'​ screen (accessible from the Main Menu, the menu that first appears when you launch EBUScore, or via the '​[[enternames|Player Names]]'​ screen from the Event Menu).\\ There, you need to '​Download EBU Database'​ which will (amongst other things) update this file. 
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