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Does EBUScore work with wireless scoring units other than Bridgemates?

In theory, EBUScore should work with:

  • Bridgemate
  • BridgePad
  • BridgeScorer
  • BridgePhone
  • BridgeTablet

However, our experience of all but the 'bridgemates' is very limited, as is our ability to test the capability of these products. If you have any issues with the functionality, please e-mail, and we will try to help, but cannot make any promises!

To set up EBUScore to work with other wireless units, set up an event and go to the “Bridgemate Scoring” screen:

  • In the top left hand corner is a drop-down menu headed 'Table Top Unit'. This shows 'bridgemate' by default, but can be changed to any of the other units listed above.
  • Having changed this, you will also need to identify which program on your computer runs these units: Click on the 'Admin' tab (to the right of 'Results', just below the 'table top unit' menu.
    This shows 'BMPro.exe' (in the appropriate folder) as the application that runs the Bridgemates. You will need to click on 'Browse', and find the appropriate application for your chosen units.
  • Note also on this page, the 'NBO Names File'. If you wish to allow visitors to your club to enter their names on the table-top units using their EBU numbers, this file needs to be identified and updated.

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