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===== Should My Club Switch to EBUScore? ===== We hope that EBUScore will become the 'standard' for EBU affiliated clubs. However, you don't have to switch to it until you are ready. While other programs continue to comply with the requirements of the EBU 'Universal Membership Scheme', you can still use them. For those who wish to switch please note that there is no charge for affiliated clubs to get the software, to have it updated or to receive support if needed. Club representatives can download the software via the club's page of the [[|New Members Area]] (a.k.a. 'My EBU'). More information [[download_ebuscore|here]]. ==== We currently use PairsScorer ==== If you currently use Jeff Smith's suite of programs, then you will find EBUScore almost identical. But Jeff's suite will cease to be supported, and you might find, in due course, that there will be some improvements made to EBUScore that won't be made to Jeff's . There is no immediate need to switch over, but you should look at doing so in the near future.\\ [[switchingfromJS|Switching from Jeff Smith]] ==== We currently use ScoreBridge ==== ScoreBridge is a popular program for clubs. Most clubs consider it to be very user-friendly. Some such clubs have tried using PairsScorer, and have found it less friendly.\\ Part of this is simply familiarity - the two programs have different approaches. Once you have got used to PairsScorer, or its successor, EBUScore Pairs, you might find that it is no less user-friendly.\\ However, there are aspects of PairsScorer that perhaps can be improved as far as the user interface is concerned - maybe, for example, in several situations there are simply too many options available that are of little relevance to normal clubs. One of the strengths of PairsScorer is its flexibility to deal with all sorts of different type of event, especially at tournament level. This strength might also be a weakness when it comes to the 'everyday' club.\\ One of our aims, in the medium term, is to produce a 'Club version' of EBUScore - a simplified version with fewer of the redundant options - that should appeal more to the average club. In short: Do try EBUScore if you are in any way unhappy with ScoreBridge. But if you are put off in the first place, don't dismiss it completely - either persist with it, or revert to ScoreBridge whilst keeping your eyes open for the Club Version of EBUScore. [[switchingfromSB|Switching from ScoreBridge]]

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