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Welcome to EBUScore

EBUScore is a suite of Duplicate Bridge Scoring programs.

It is a rebranded version of the popular Jeff Smith suite of scoring software - Pairs Scorer, Teams Scorer and so on - and is now available for affiliated clubs to download. For a while, the programs will look very similar to the Jeff Smith programs. Nothing fundamental will change.

Should my club switch to EBUScore?

Up until October, and for a short overlap period, the Jeff Smith programs can be downloaded from

The Suite consists of five independent scoring programs:

  • EBUScore Pairs - for scoring normal 'Duplicate Pairs' sessions -
    the bread and butter of most bridge clubs
  • EBUScore Teams - for scoring normal 'Multiple Teams' events
  • EBUScore Swiss Pairs
  • EBUScore Swiss Teams
  • EBUScore Individual

For many bridge clubs, the 'Pairs' program is all that they will need, though quite a few clubs run occasional Teams events.

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