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 ===== Switching from Jeff Smith ===== ===== Switching from Jeff Smith =====
-The first thing that you should know is that, although the programs are almost identical, the Data files (PSEvents.dat,​ PSMembers.dat,​ etc.) are incompatible.\\ +The first thing that you should know is that, although the programs are almost identical, the event & membership ​Data files (PSEvents.dat,​ PSMembers.dat,​ etc.) are incompatible.\\ 
-This meansfor example, ​that you will need to create ​a new Player Database for your club.  There are instructions below on how you can do this relatively easily.\\ + 
-It also means that you will not be able to access ​your old sessions from EBUScore.  ​I suggest ​that you should NOT remove ​your old scoring softwarejust in case you need to refer back for any reason.+This means that you need to use a new set of Event Files for EBUScore; you cannot use EBUScore to access events ​that were created by PairsScorer,​ and vice versa.\\ 
 +Also, you will need to use a new Player Database for your club.  There are instructions below on how you can transfer the information ​relatively easily.\\ 
 +You can, however, still use any old user movement files. 
 +Clubs should ​not remove their old scoring software if they wish to access old sessions.  Indeed they might choose to delay switching ​from PairsScorer to EBUScore ​until a convenient moment for consigning old events to '​archive'​. 
 +==== Transferring your player database ==== 
 +If your club uses Bridgewebs, then a quick and easy way to transfer your database is to... 
 +  * "​export PD to Bridgewebs"​ from PairsScorer 
 +  * "​import PD from Bridgewebs"​ from EBUScore 
 +These two actions are done via buttons at the bottom left of the '​Player Management'​ screen, screenshot below, reached via the '​Player Database'​ button on the Main Menu, and the '​Player Management'​ tab at the top (circled). 
 +If you don't use Bridgewebs, you can do something similar via a '​csv'​ file rather than Bridgewebs:​ 
 +  * Launch PairsScorer,​ click on '​Player Database',​ '​Player Management',​ and '​Export PD to csv file', the button circled in the screenshot above.\\ (If you have a very old version of PairsScorer,​ the process might be different)\\ 
 +  * Confirm ​that you wish to export, and make a note of where the file is saved.\\ (The file will also be opened, in Notepad or Excel or similar - just close this!)\\ 
 +  * Close down PairsScorer,​ and Launch EBUScore Pairs.\\ 
 +  * Click on '​Player Database',​ '​Player Management',​ and '​**Import** PD from csv file'​\\ (as the screenshot above, but the button just above '​Export'​!)\\ 
 +Firstly you will be asked whether or not you wish to delete your existing database. ​ If you wish to retain Club '​player IDs' from your old databasethen you will need to say '​Yes',​ even if there is nothing to delete!\\ 
 +If you do choose '​Yes',​ the '​deleted'​ database will be saved as a backup, and you see a prompt confirming this.  If you choose '​No',​ you will get a different prompt "​PIDs ​in the imported file will be ignored"​. ​ Either way, just click '​OK'​.\\ 
 +Next you will need to navigate to find the '​csv'​ file that you have just saved - you did make a note, didn't you!  (It's probably in C:​\PairsScorer\Reports)\\ 
 +Select the file PlayerDB.csv and click on '​Open'​. 
 +That should be it! 
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