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Switching from ScoreBridge

If you currently use ScoreBridge, there is no denying that you will find EBUScore very different.
I hope that the help files will be of some use in trying out EBUScore.

The two programs are not compatible. When you switch, you will not be able to use EBUScore to access your old sessions that you scored using ScoreBridge, nor use your existing Player Database.
It is possible to convert your player database, but it's not an easy process:

Transferring your player database

Firstly, you need to export your old player database from ScoreBridge:
Launch ScoreBridge, click on 'PlayerDB' to get to your Player Database screen.
One of the new menu items at the top is 'Make Spreadsheet'. Click on this.
Make a note of the filename and where the file is saved.

The file will also be opened, hopefully in Excel or a similar spreadsheet application.
In order for EBUScore to be able to read this file, you need to change the 'headers' on the top row as follows:

  • Change 'First Name' to 'Firstname' (i.e. remove the space).
  • Change 'Last Name' to 'Surname'.
  • Change 'EBU Number' to 'NBONo'.
  • Change 'Phone Number' to 'TelH'.
  • Change 'Email Address' to 'email'.
  • Change 'Post Code' to 'Postcode'.
  • Change 'Club Member No' to 'PID'

All but the 'Firstname' and 'Surname' are non-essential, But EBU Numbers will be very useful, and if players use 'Club Numbers' on bridgemates, for example, it would be helpful to transfer these across. Otherwise, any columns not listed above can easily be ignored.

Firstly you will be asked you whether or not you wish to delete your existing database. If you wish to retain Club 'player IDs' from your old database, then you will need to say 'Yes', even if there is nothing to delete!
If you do choose 'Yes', the 'deleted' database will be saved as a backup, and you see a prompt confirming this. If you choose 'No', you will get a different prompt “PIDs in the imported file will be ignored”. Either way, just click 'OK'.

Next you will need to navigate to find the 'csv' file that you have just saved - you did make a note, didn't you! (It's probably in C:\PairsScorer\Reports)
Select the file PlayerDB.csv and click on 'Open'.

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