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 Scoring a teams event using EBUScore Teams is almost identical to using EBUScore Pairs. Scoring a teams event using EBUScore Teams is almost identical to using EBUScore Pairs.
-For the most part, you can follow the instructions for Scoring a Pairs Event. ​ Menu items, etc. very similar, with a few obvious exceptions+For the most part, you can follow the instructions for [[getting started|Scoring a Pairs Event]].\\ 
 +Menu items, etc. are very similar, with a few obvious exceptions: 'Teams Events'​ appears on the main menu rather than 'Pairs Events',​ but clicking on the button takes you to the similar '​Events List' page. 
 +You might need to take note of the following issues: 
 +=== Method of Scoring === 
 +Most clubs, for Pairs events, use 'match point' scoring.\\ 
 +Likewise, for Teams events, they generally use '​IMPs'​ scoring. ​ But several alternatives are available.\\ 
 +For example, depending on the number of boards per round, you might wish to convert IMPs to VPs:\\ 
 +To check your scoring settings: ​ On the Event Details screen, when you first create the event, click on the '​scoring'​ tab, top right.\\ 
 +As with other settings in this screen, EBUScore will default to what was used last time, but you might wish to save club defaults. 
 +=== Seating Lineup === 
 +This is an extra item on the Event Menu.  It is of particular relevance to the [[https://​​documents/​miscellaneous/​ngs/​ngs-for-teams.pdf|NGS]].\\ 
 +For most Teams events, you will have the North-South players sitting throughout. ​ But occasionally you might run a 'pivot teams' for example, where some players switch polarity.\\ 
 +If they do switch, then you need to record this in the '​Seating Lineup'​ - thus, for the purposes of the NGS, each player will get credited with their own performance and not that of their team-mates!\\ 
 +If players never switch polarity, you don't need to concern yourself with this feature.\\ 
 +**HOWEVER**,​ you may nevertheless need to "​Initialise all seating line-ups"​ on the Seating Lineup screen, just to confirm that the players are seated in what may appear to be the '​obvious'​ line-up! 
 +=== Player Database === 
 +The Teams scoring program runs independently to the Pairs program - it has its own folder & set of data files, etc. 
 +By default, it also uses a separate '​Player Database'​ to the Pairs program.\\ 
 +However, you can change this.  You will probably find it useful to use the same database for both programs.\\ 
 +  * From the Main Menu, click on '​Player Database'​. 
 +  * In the long bar at the top, you see the filename of the Player Database that is currently being used.\\ (This shows that TSMembers.dat in the EBUScore\Teams folder is used) 
 +  * Click on '​Change Database',​ and confirm that you wish to do so. 
 +  * Navigate to the C:​\EBUScore\Pairs folder; click on '​PSMembers.dat',​ and '​Open'​. 
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