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Scoring a Teams Event

Scoring a teams event using EBUScore Teams is almost identical to using EBUScore Pairs. For the most part, you can follow the instructions for Scoring a Pairs Event. Menu items, etc. a very similar, with a few obvious exceptions: 'Teams Events' appears on the main menu rather than 'Pairs Events', but clicking on the button takes you to the similar 'Events List' page.

Issues that may be of some relevance:

Method of Scoring

Most clubs, for Pairs events, use 'match point' scoring.
Likewise, for Teams events, they generally use 'IMPs' scoring. But several alternatives are available.
Double check that the settings are correct: On the Event Details screen, when you first create the event, click on the 'scoring' tab, top right.
As with other settings in this screen, EBUScore will default to what was used last time, but you might wish to save club defaults.

Seating Lineup

This is an extra item on the Event Menu.
It is of particular relevance to the NGS.
For most Teams events, you will have the North-South players sitting throughout. But occasionally you might run a 'pivot teams' for example, where some players switch polarity.
If players never switch polarity, you don't need to concern yourself with this feature.

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