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 ===== What's New with EBUScore ===== ===== What's New with EBUScore =====
-To upgrade to the latest version, follow the same route through 'My EBU' as if [[download_EBUScore|downloading]] for the first time.+To upgrade to the latest version, follow the same route through 'My EBU' as if [[download_EBUScore|downloading]] for the first time.\\
 +If you need to check whether you have you have the latest version (without having to visit this website), in EBUScore itself, click on the "​Administration"​ button on the Main Menu, then on "Check for Updates"​.
 +==== Version 1.1.8 ====
 +== released 15th March 2018 ==
 +Bridgemate Control Software:\\
 +Compatibility with BCS version 3.6.9 ensured.\\
 +Option added to enable BMs to "​verify lead card against hand records"​\\
 +Options to apply either a 50% handicap (as previously used by PairsScorer & EBUScore) or 100%.\\
 +EBU Master Point Ranks:\\
 +Distinction recognised between genuinely "​unranked"​ players, and players with ranks withheld, or with MP records held by other NBOs.\\
 +For purposes of stratification or handicaps, where EBUScore is unable to determine the rank of a player, such a player will not receive any potential benefit.\\
 +Error exiting "​Irregular Movement"​ screen corrected.\\
 +Error overwriting pair numbers in Scoresheets (indirectly caused by too many events in the Event File).\\
 +==== Version 1.1.7 ====
 +== released 1st November 2017 ==
 +(error corrections on 6th & 16th November)\\
 +Revised way of recording NGS exemptions: ​ Either or both players in a partnership can now be exempted (and only one pair can be eligible for exemption)\\
 +Where a session has been pre-created,​ or if a session has already been uploaded for the same date, there is now an option to over-write existing session, or to upload as a new event.\\
 +There is now a facility during a session to upload "Live Ranks" to BridgeWebs.
 +Recognition of new ranks (Star Grand Masters)\\
 +NB previous versions of EBUScore may not cope well with "​stratification"​ when players of these ranks are involved.
 +Possible correction of error with BridgePad names entry.
 +Error corrected when creating SwissTeams ClubPrint file in HTM format.
 +==== Version 1.1.6 ====
 +== released 30th June 2017 ==
 +New source of EBU membership database. ​ This database is updated daily.\\
 +(Old source will still be updated on a less frequent basis, so that old versions of EBUSCore will continue to work)\\
 +Improvement on reporting of Swiss Teams triples for Pianola\\
 +Correction of number of competing pairs in XML file for Pianola\\
 +Renaming of text file reporting creation of XML file, to avoid confusion.\\
 +ArcScorer added to the list of alternative Wireless units.\\
 +Swiss: Potential Match adjustments extended when a 30-0 VP Scale selected.\\
 +==== Version 1.1.5 ====
 +== released 31st March 2017 ==
 +Reintroduction of UMS code 11\\ (novice events, not eligible for UMS exemption. ​ No Master Points, no NGS)
 +Relocation of WBU membership database.\\
 +Bugs corrected:​\\
 +Error message re-writing names to BCS\\
 +Amendment of EBU Default Bridgemate settings\\
 +Scoring method for new Teams events always defaults to IMPs (avoids annoying message when previous event was To8)\\
 +Improved (but not perfect) analysis of names typed with middle initials, etc. (e.g. Arthur C Doyle; Arthur Conan Doyle, etc.)
 ==== Version 1.1.4 ==== ==== Version 1.1.4 ====
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 ==== Coming Soon ==== ==== Coming Soon ====
 +Bug Correction:​\\
 +EBUScore hangs when checking Bridgewebs for pre-uploaded events, when there is a gap in event numbers.\\
 +Error in printing checkslips when there is both a missing pair and an artificial adjustment.\\
 +Error in calculating split / weighted scores in PaB/Hybrid scoring.\\
 +Introduction of temporary UMS code 90, for use only in the August 2018 EBU Summer Festival.\\
-Reintroduction of UMS code 11\\ (novice events, not eligible for UMS exemption. ​ No Master Points, no NGS) 
-Relocation of WBU membership database.\\ 
-Bugs corrected:​\\ 
-Error message re-writing names to BCS\\ 
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