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 To upgrade to the latest version, follow the same route through 'My EBU' as if [[download_EBUScore|downloading]] for the first time.\\ To upgrade to the latest version, follow the same route through 'My EBU' as if [[download_EBUScore|downloading]] for the first time.\\
-If you need to check whether ​you have you have the latest version ​(without having ​to visit this website), in EBUScore ​itselfclick on the "Administration" ​button on the Main Menuthen on "Check for Updates".+==== Version 1.2.6 ==== 
 +== released 23rd October 2019 == 
 +Version 1.2.6 contains the following changes: 
 +  * Added option to import names or EBU numbers when importing an event from XML file 
 +  * Re-added option to display scrolling ranks excluding adjustments for Swiss Pairs 
 +  * Improved printing to eliminate issues with ranks printing off the side of the page 
 +  * Added option for ranks to be printed portrait or landscape (also auto option) 
 +  * Renamed Bridgewebs Teams Upload button 
 +  * Added Return buttons on all Bridgemate Scoring tabs 
 +==== Version 1.2.5 ==== 
 +== released 4th September 2019 == 
 +Version 1.2.5 contains the following changes: 
 +  * User defined arrow switching added for all Hesitation movements 
 +  * Tidy up and correction of movements 
 +  * Minor bug fixes regarding creating custom Mitchell movements 
 +  * Warning added when selecting Code 02 
 +==== Version 1.2.4 ==== 
 +== released 27th August 2019 == 
 +Version 1.2.4 contains the following changes: 
 +  * "Ranks / Handicaps"​ changed to "Ranks with Handicaps"​ to be clearer 
 +  * Fixes "Error 9 (Subscript out of range) in BMShowAnomalies of Module modBridgemate"​ issue seen by some users 
 +  * Colours of buttons on Main Menu changed to clearly distinguish between Main Menu and Event Menu 
 +==== Version 1.2.3 ==== 
 +== released 22nd August 2019 == 
 +Version 1.2.3 contains the following changes: 
 +  * Improved scroll file location functionality. Eliminates "​Windows cannot access \scrollfile.htm"​ issue seen by some users. 
 +==== Version 1.2.2 ==== 
 +== released 30th July 2019 == 
 +Version 1.2.2 contains the following changes: 
 +  * "Show Ranks" on Bridgemate Control screen displays output as a Web Scroll rather than in Notepad 
 +  * Re-introduced ability to set scroll file location 
 +==== Version 1.2.1 ==== 
 +== released 21st May 2019 == 
 +Version 1.2.1 includes many new features, including:​ 
 +  * re-designed Wireless Scoring screen, making it clearer which tables are still in play on each round 
 +  * improved compatibility with other wireless systems, including BridgePal 
 +  * re-designed screen for creating new movements 
 +  * ability to import events from XML files (useful, in particular, when Teams events are uploaded to Bridgewebs) 
 +However, because of the nature of the development of this release, there may be some features of version 1.1.10 that do not appear in 1.2.1. ​ These include 
 +  * The revised handicapping method (introduced in 1.1.8) 
 +  * warnings about inconsistency between UMS code & master point rate selected in event details. 
 +These should be incorporated as soon as possible.  ​If you have any further feedback on any missing features or other anomalies, please contact\\ 
 +Before ​you upgrade to 1.2.1, you might consider retaining a copy of 1.1.10, e.g. by installing 1.2.1 into a different folder. 
 +==== Version 1.1.10 ==== 
 +== released 13th March 2019 == 
 +Retention of PIDs when uploading/​downloading player database to/from Bridgewebs. 
 +Code 08 added to UMS codes.\\ ​ NGS only:  This is used for events for which payment and Master Points are processed independently,​ such as leagues. 
 +A warning now appears in some situations when the UMS code selected appears inconsistent with the Master Point settings.\\ 
 +(NB the UMS code is principally a Payment code, not a Master Point code.  Although the two may be related, you need to select those independently - don't assumefor example, that if you select UMS code 50, Master Points settings will automatically be set to be "Blue Points"​) 
 +Bug Correction: ​ Too many movements ​in PSUserMovements.txt caused error. ​ Error corrected 
 +==== Version 1.1.9 ==== 
 +== released 26th July 2018 == 
 +Bug Correction:​\\ 
 +EBUScore ​hangs when checking Bridgewebs for pre-uploaded eventswhen there is a gap in event numbers.\\ 
 +Error in printing checkslips when there is both a missing pair and an artificial adjustment.\\ 
 +Error in calculating split / weighted scores in PaB/Hybrid scoring.\\ 
 +Introduction of temporary UMS code 90, for use only in the August 2018 EBU Summer Festival.\\ 
 +==== Version 1.1.8 ==== 
 +== released 15th March 2018 == 
 +Bridgemate Control Software:​\\ 
 +Compatibility with BCS version 3.6.9 ensured.\\ 
 +Option added to enable BMs to "verify lead card against hand records"\\ 
 +Options to apply either a 50% handicap (as previously used by PairsScorer & EBUScore) or 100%.\\ 
 +EBU Master Point Ranks:\\ 
 +Distinction recognised between genuinely "​unranked"​ players, and players with ranks withheld, or with MP records held by other NBOs.\\ 
 +For purposes of stratification or handicaps, where EBUScore is unable to determine ​the rank of a playersuch a player will not receive any potential benefit.\\ 
 +Error exiting ​"Irregular Movement" ​screen corrected.\\ 
 +Error overwriting pair numbers in Scoresheets (indirectly caused by too many events in the Event File).\\
 ==== Version 1.1.7 ==== ==== Version 1.1.7 ====
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 ==== Coming Soon ==== ==== Coming Soon ====
-Bridgemate Control Software:\\ 
-Compatibility with BCS version 3.6.9 ensured.\\ 
-Option added to "​verify lead card against hand records"​\\ 
-Options to apply either a 50% handicap (as previously used by PairsScorer & EBUScore) or 100%.\\ 
-Error exiting "​Irregular Movement"​ screen corrected.\\ +
-Error overwriting pair numbers in Scoresheets (indirectly caused by too many events in the Event File).\\+
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