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-**** Who Can Use EBUScore? ****+===== Who Can Use EBUScore? ​===== 
 +  ​EBUScore is available free to EBU-affiliated clubs. ​ There is no limit to the number of scorers that can use EBUScore on behalf of the club\\ Anybody who has access to the club's pages of the new Members Area ("My EBU") can download the software.\\ Furthermore,​ any individual that has been registered (on the Members Area) as a scorer for an affiliated club can download the software via their own personal page of My EBU.\\ 
 +  ​EBUTA members may now download the software via their own personal page of My EBU 
 +  ​Other than as permitted above, any organisations that wish to use EBUScore will need to purchase a copy, available for £50 + VAT.  Please see [[purchase|here]] for more details.\\ 
 +Please note that the facility to download the software is on the understanding that the use of the software is limited to the organisation concerned, or to other organisations that are either affiliated or otherwise authorised.\\ 
 +EBUTA members may use the software as part of their teaching program, but not for any club unless otherwise authorised.
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