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Internationals News

Women's team win, but disappointing finish for Open and Senior teams

Whilst the Women's team had a wonderful end to their competition (see above), the event had a disappointing finish for the Open and Senior teams. At times in the competition both teams would have been hopeful of finishing in the medals, but results on the final few days meant that they slipped down the table, and ultimately finished outside the positions which will likely earn them qualification for the 2017 World Championships. Both teams finished in tenth. France won the Open event, Israel the Seniors. As the Open team finished in the top ten, England have qualified to play in the European Champions Cup in 2016 and 2017

Nonetheless, well done to all the players on their performances:
Open team David Bakhshi & David Gold; Tony Forrester & Andrew Robson; Jason Hackett & Justin Hackett; NPC: David Price; Coach: Alan Mould

Senior team John Holland & Brian Senior; David Kendrick & Patrick Collins; Sandra Penfold & Norman Selway; NPC: Paul Hackett

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Fri 24th, 09:0031Czech Republic
7.97 ‑ 12.03
3.12 ‑ 14.88
16.58 ‑ 3.42
Fri 24th, 12:2032Israel
7.97 ‑ 12.03
18.09 ‑ 1.91
16.73 ‑ 3.27
Fri 24th, 15:0033Belgium
13.28 ‑ 6.72
6.25 ‑ 13.75
1.79 ‑ 18.21
Fri 24th, 17:4034Netherlands
2.69 ‑ 17.31
Sat 25th, 08:3035Denmark
13.04 ‑ 6.96
19.34 ‑ 0.66
3.74 ‑ 16.26
Sat 25th, 11:5036Italy
1.13 ‑ 18.87
17.17 ‑ 2.83
7.97 ‑ 12.03
Sat 25th, 14:3037France
14.60 ‑ 5.40
11.48 ‑ 8.52
4.44 ‑ 15.56
RR Total424.65313.35248.59
Position10 / 371 / 2310 / 24
Women's Pairs
A Women's Pairs took place before the teams event started. Fiona Brown & Sarah O'Connor finished 7th, with Sally Brock & Susanna Gross finishing 9th.

England's women are European Champions!

England's Women's team have won the European Championships in Budapest.

Starting the final day in third place, they won all three matches, including victory against overnight leaders Poland in the final match.

Congratulations to the team: Heather Dhondy & Nevena Senior; Sally Brock & Nicola Smith; Fiona Brown & Catherine Draper; NPC: Derek Patterson; Coach: David Burn.

This adds another medal to the impressive haul collected by this team. It is an eighth European Gold medal for Nicola, a fifth for Heather and Sally, a second for Fiona and Nevena and it is Catherine's first. This team - which also included Susan Stockdale (now Norton) until 2013 - have won medals at the last six World and European team events. They may currently be the most successful international team in British sport.

England wins Teltscher Trophy

England won the Teltscher Trophy - the 'senior Camrose' competition for the British Isles - in Edinburgh at the weekend. The team of Sally Brock, Barry Myers, Robert Sheehan, Nicola Smith, Norman Selway and Chris Dixon dominated the event throughout, winning all ten of their matches and scoring 55% more VPs than the second placed team. The fight for second place was much more exciting, with the part-English Patrons team needing a big win in the final match against Ireland, and getting it.

Draw and schedule for European Championships announced

The draw and schedule for the European Championships, which take place in Budapest from 16th to 25th June, have been announced.

All events are round-robins within a single group, with 37 countries represented in the Open, 23 in the Women's and 24 in the Senior's competition.