Welcome to the International Selections and Trials home page. Here you will find information on all the England representative teams, who they are, how they fared and how you can try out to join them.

Internationals News

New Diamond Award announced

At the AGM the Chairman, Jeremy Dhondy, announced that a new award, called the Diamond Award, would be presented in early 2015 . It would be presented to players in recognition of their excellence and success over a sustained period, and their contribution to England's international success.

The inaugural recipients will be announced in February.

England's representatives 6th in European Champions' Cup

England's representatives were sixth in the European Champions Cup which took place in Milan over the weekend.

England were represented by the winners of the 2013 Premier League, the Allfrey team, and this comprised Alexander Allfrey & Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester & David Gold, and David Bakhshi & Andrew McIntosh.

The competition can be likened to football's Champions League, with Europe's twelve leading countries represented by the winners of their domestic competition. The winners were G.S. Allegra of Italy, who beat Bamberger Reiter of Germany in the Final.

We are pleased to announce that England will host the 2015 event in November next year. It will take place near Milton Keynes. Spectators will be welcome, and offers of help would be much appreciated. Full details will be available nearer the event.

Allfrey team wins Premier League

The 2014 Premier League has been won by the team of Alexander Allfrey (Middlesex) & Andrew Robson (London), Tony Forrester (Herefordshire) & David Gold (London), and Andrew McIntosh (Middlesex) & David Bakhshi (London) (pictured left). They entered the final weekend leading by only 3 VPs, but lost only one of their final nine matches, and won emphatically. They finished 50 VPs ahead of the team of Heather Dhondy (London), Sally Brock, Barry Myers (both Berks & Bucks), Brian Callaghan, and Frank To (both London), and they were a 40 VPs ahead of third.

By winning the Allfrey team will be invited to play for England in the 2015 Camrose Trophy. This team is also representing England in the Champions Trophy which starts on Thursday (see below)

The players in the top four teams in Division One have all earned points in the Player of the Year Championship. The next events in which points will be scored are the Gold Cup finals, and then the Point-a-Board event at the National Teams Congress.

In Division Two, the team of Janet de Botton & Artur Malinowski (both Middlesex), Espen Erichsen (Kent) & Waseem Naqvi (Middlesex), and Nick Sandqvist & Tom Townsend (both London) (picture) won by about 27 VPs, with the team of Mike Bell & Michael Byrne (both Manchester), and Fiona Brown (Yorkshire) & Kieran Dyke (London) in second.

Last chance to enter the Teltscher Trophy trials

Entries for the trials for the Teltscher Trophy - the 'Seniors Camrose' competition - close on 3rd November.

The Trials take place Friday 19th to Sunday 21st December 2014, at the West Midlands Bridge Club, Solihull. The event will last 2 ½ days with the timetable to be confirmed when the number of entrants is known. The entry fee is £330.00 per team and players must be born in 1955 or before. Please send your entries to

The Teltscher Trophy Weekend will take place in Ireland 15th-17th May 2015.