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Internationals News

Open & Women lead, Seniors trail in World Championship quarterfinals

At the midway point of the quarterfinals of the World Bridge Championships in Chennai the Open and Women's team lead, both against USA1. The Seniors trail against Poland.

The Open team held a large lead after two sessions, but got pegged back in session three. They lead by 2 IMPs at the halfway point. The Women's team started with a deficit of 16 IMPs after the carryover, but gained that back, and more, in the first session. They increased the lead in session two, and lost only a few IMPs in session three, so lead by 16 IMPs at halfway. The Seniors fell behind early against Poland, but pulled back IMPs in session three, so trail by 28.5 IMPs at halfway.

The quarterfinals are played over six sessions, with three each on Sunday and Monday, so will conclude tomorrow. Good luck to them all.

The first two sessions of the Open team's match are scheduled to be shown on BBO. The schedule for session three will be announced when the progress of the matches in known.

The NPC's have contributed numerous blogs over the last few days, and some of the Open Team have recorded video 'play problems'. The links are available below.

RR Total267.18274.33259.93
Position4 / 225 / 225 / 22
Sun 4th, 06:30QF1USA 1
33 ‑ 37
44 ‑ 19
26 ‑ 50
Sun 4th, 10:00QF2USA 1
41 ‑ 10
40 ‑ 30
31 ‑ 54
Sun 4th, 12:40QF3USA 1
16 ‑ 52
19 ‑ 22
36 ‑ 13
Mon 5th, 06:30QF4USA 1QF4USA 1QF4Poland
Mon 5th, 10:00QF5USA 1QF5USA 1QF5Poland
Mon 5th, 12:40QF6USA 1QF6USA 1QF6Poland
Score101 - 99103 - 8793 - 121.5
Blogs4 | 5 | 6 | 76 | 7 | 8 | 99 | 10 | 11 | 12
The teams which will represent England can be seen using the 'read more' link. As usual you can watch matches on Bridge Base Online - and we will try to let you know when England matches will be shown. The NPC's of the teams will be writing blogs. which you can read here. Good luck to all the teams.

De Botton team takes early lead in Premier League

The Premier League has started, with the first round of matches taking place at Manchester Bridge Club on 12th & 13th September.

The leaders of the First Division after the first weekend is the team of Janet de Botton, Espen Erichsen, Glyn Liggins, Artur Malinowski, Nick Sandqvist & Tom Townsend. They are on 102.48 VPs, 18 VPs ahead of the Allfrey team.

The Second Division is being led by Paul Hackett, Ollie Burgess, John Hassett, Jeff Morris, Alan Mould, & John Sansom. They are just 2 VPs ahead of the Ewart team.

The winners of the First Division will earn selection to represent England in one weekend of the 2016 Camrose Trophy series and the European Champions' Cup 2016, if England qualifies.

World Youth Open Championships underway in Croatia

The World Youth Championships have started in Opatija, Croatia. The event, which features pairs and teams events in four age/gender categories, takes place from 20th - 29th August. The only English participant in the early Pairs events which start the competition is Rob Myers, playing with Dutchman Bas Van Beijsterveldt.

Draw made for World Championships

The draw for the World Championships, which take place 26th September to 10th October in Chennai, has been made.

England begin the round robin phase in the Bermuda Bowl against hosts India, and conclude against Argentina.

In the Venice Cup the women's team starts against Poland, and end the opening stage against USA2.

In the D'Orsi Bowl, the senior's begin against Brazil, and finish against Canada.

After the round robin phase, the top teams in each event will progress to the quarter finals.