Open Trials & Premier League

Premier League

2018 Event

Applications to take part in the 2018 Premier League are now being accepted. Please email
Entries close 31st May 2018
Cost - £840 per team

  • 1st weekend, 15th - 16th September 2018: Division 1 - Young Chelsea Bridge Club; Division 2 - Richmond Bridge Club; Division 3 - Tunbridge Wells Bridge Club
  • 2nd weekend, 27th - 28th October: all three divisions - West Midlands Bridge Club, Solihull
  • 3rd Weekend 3rd - 4th November : all three divisions - West Midlands Bridge Club, Solihull

2017 Event

Divisions for 2017:

Division 1
Allfrey Alexander Allfrey, Mike Bell, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Graham Osborne, Andrew Robson
Black Andrew Black, Gunnar Hallberg, Phil King, Andrew McIntosh, Derek Patterson, Gerald Tredinnick
de Botton Janet de Botton, David Bakhshi, Espen Erichsen, Glyn Liggins, Artur Malinowski, Tom Townsend
Gillis Simon Gillis, Simon Cope, Peter Crouch, Alan Mould, Tom Paske
Hinden Frances Hinden, Jeffrey Allerton, Michael Byrne, Kieran Dyke, Chris Jagger
Penfold Sandra Penfold, Ben Green, John Holland, Nick Sandqvist, Brian Senior, Nevena Senior
Rosen Neil Rosen, Ian Draper, Martin Jones, Kay Preddy, Norman Selway, Jeremy Willans
Small Cameron Small, Jon Cooke, John Cox, Oliver Segal, Peter Taylor
Division 2
Dhondy Heather Dhondy, Sally Brock, Brian Callaghan, Barry Myers, Franklin To
Fawcett Joe Fawcett, David Burn, Gillian Fawcett, Jim Grant, Stefan Lindfors, Ian Payn
Fegarty Paul Fegarty, Paul Barden, Catherine Curtis, David Kendrick, Jonathan Mestel, Alan Shillitoe
Harris Jonathan Harris, Steve Capal, Christophe Grosset, Shahzaad Natt, Steve Root, Stefan Skorchev
Morris Jeff Morris, Catherine Draper, John Hassett, Tom Slater, Alec Smalley, Andrew Woodcock
Mossop David Mossop, Jason Hackett, Justin Hackett, Paul Hackett, Alex Hydes, David Price
Pryor Malcolm Pryor, Rob Cliffe, Dee Lindon, Peter Lindon, Alan Mayo, Karen Pryor
Shields Patrick Shields, John Atthey, Richard Chamberlain, Chris Cooper, Dan McIntosh, Garry Watson
Division 3
Chadha Gad Chadha, Roger Mapp, Debbie Sandford, Warner Solomon, Kath Stynes
Gipson Paul Gipson, Sarah Bell, Simon Creasey, Alex Gipson, Alex Roberts, Graeme Robertson
Gross Susanna Gross, Richard Bowdery, Ollie Burgess, Andrew Murphy, Toby Nonnenmacher, Graham Orsmond
Junior A Michael Alishaw, Sam Anoyrkatis, Theo Anoyrkatis, Stephen Kennedy, Liam Sanderson, Daniel Winter
Junior B Jasmine Bakhshi, Jamie Fegarty, Liam Fegarty, Megan Jones, Alex Pemberton, Oscar Selby
Porro Laura Porro, Sasha Cooper, Nick Krempel, Adrian Orlowski, Marco Grolla
Boss Nick Boss, Heather Bakhshi, Richard Johnson, Claire Robinson, Mark Lehto
Igoe Niall Igoe, Alexandra Birchall, Kiril Delev, Ambrose Holmes-Mackie, Petar Ivanov, Stefano Tommasini

Peter Hasenson has produced an aggregation of scores from Division 1 from 2009 - 2016. They are available here. Thanks to Peter for his work in calculating these and sharing them.

2018 Open Trials for European Team Championships



Regulations and Conditions of contest

The trials, scored by Ximps, will be held over 4 full days, 12th to 15th January 2018, at the Young Chelsea BC. The top two pairs will be selected for the team, plus Tony Forrester & Andrew Robson who have been pre-selected.

Applications have been accepted by the Selection Committee from the following ten pairs:

Espen Erichsen & Glyn Liggins - system card
Neil Rosen & Martin Jones - system card
Michael Byrne & Kieran Dyke - system card
Heather Dhondy & Brian Callaghan - system card
Tom Townsend & Alex Hydes - system card
Phil King & Andrew McIntosh - system card
David Bakhshi & Artur Malinowski - system card
Simon Cope & Peter Crouch - system card
Jeffrey Allerton & Chris Jagger - system card
Frances Hinden & Graham Osborne - system card

Reserves: Tom Paske & Ed Jones