Senior Selections

Teltscher Trophy

19th-20th May 2018, Wales

Teltscher Trophy

19th-21st May 2017, La Mon Hotel, Belfast

Colin Simpson was selected but is unable to participate

World Bridge Games

3rd-17th September 2016, Wroclaw, Poland

53rd European Teams Championships

16th-25th June 2016, Budapest, Hungary

Teltscher Trophy

20th – 22nd May 2016, Holiday Inn, Edinburgh

Playing Captain: Chris Dixon

World Teams Championships – d'Orsi Bowl

26th September – 10th October 2015, Chennai – India

Teltscher Trophy

15th – 17th May 2015 , CityNorth Hotel, County Meath

Note: This is a team of five, and not the pairings as listed

European Championships

21st - 28th June 2014, Opatija, Croatia

Teltscher Trophy

16th-18th May , La Mon Hotel and Country Club, Belfast

Seniors Camrose

17th - 19th May 2013, Cardiff, Wales