Senior Trials

2016/2017 trials

Applications are invited from teams for the Teltscher Trophy Trials which take place at the West Midlands Bridge Club, 16th - 18th December 2016. The Teltscher Trophy takes place in Northern Ireland 19th – 21st May 2017.

The entry price per team is £360.00.

Please send applications to by 31st October 2016.

Applications to date

Hackett Paul Hackett, John Holland, Gunnar Hallberg, David Mossop, David Price, Brian Senior
Irens Nick Irens, Tony Forrester, David Kendrick, Norman Selway, Colin Simpson
Brock Sally Brock, Barry Myers, Rob Sheehan, Nicola Smith
Lawy Rob Lawy, Taf Anthias, Chris Dixon, Trevor Ward
Granville Richard Granville, David Burn, Brian Callaghan, Graham Sadie
Holder Bob Holder, Dick Davey, Phil Thornton, Nigel Wolfendale