Senior Trials

Teltscher Trophy Trials

The Teltscher Trophy Trials, held on 16th/17th November, were won by the team of Brian Senior & Clive Owen and David Kendrick & Roger Gibbons. They won four out of five matches to win with a total of 68.87.

Dates for 2014

  • 19th - 21st December, West Midlands Bridge Club, Solihull.

Seniors European Trials

The Senior European Championships will be held in Opatija, Croatia, from June 21st to June 28th 2014.

The trials take place on 20th, 21st, 22nd December 2013 West Midlands Bridge Club, £450 per team. Play will start at 1pm on the Friday and finish at about 5pm on Sunday

There will be a 96 board playoff between the top two teams, on 4th & 5th January 2014 at Richmond Bridge Club.

Applications have now closed. All members of the team must qualify to represent England and have been born in 1954 or before.

Entries received to date:
Paul Hackett, David Mossop, Gunnar Hallberg, John Holland, David Price and Colin Simpson.
Bill Hirst, Pat Collins, Richard Butland & John Reardon
Brian Senior, Clive Owen, David Kendrick, Brian Callaghan
Jeff Morris, John Hassett, Tony Waterlow, Ian Panto
Jonathan Harris, Barry Murray, Malcolm Harris & Maria Budd
Chris Dixon, Taf Anthias, Barry Myers & Robert Sheehan