Blue Book

last updated: 24th July 2013

The Blue Book is effective from August 1st 2013. You can right-mouse-click on the link and save the pdf to your own computer then open it from there. You can also read the Blue Book online.

The Blue Book has been completely revised and shortened for 2013. It replaces the Orange Book 2012. The Tangerine Book has been discontinued.

Submitting a method

Additions and amendments to permitted methods normally take effect from August 1st and any applications to change anything need to be received by the L&E Secretary by the end of February.

If you wish to apply for approval of any agreement not currently permitted you should send your application by email to

You should include a logical defence to any agreement and indicate how it is to be shown on the convention card. The Committee tend to look more favourably on applications that are not especially difficult to defend against.