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Laws and Ethics News

Ten TDs receive promotions

Congratulations to the ten Tournament Directors who achieved a promotion to the level of County TD at the recent County Directors weekend. The successful TDs were:

Srimath Agalawatte John Dagnall *
Jim Edwards Gareth Evans *
Nicky Ferguson * Mark Hooper *
Rob Richardson Keith Spencer
Jean Stelfox Steve Wright

* - passed with distinction

Max Bavin awarded WBF Gold Medal

Congratulations to Max Bavin, who has been awarded the World Bridge Federation's Gold Medal in recognition of his services over many years as the WBF's Head TD - a position from which he has recently retired.

The award was announced by WBF President Gianarrigo Rona at the World Championships which concluded this weekend in Lyon. Max became the EBU's Chief TD in 1986 (leaving the position in 2012) and was appointed the WBF's Head TD in 2003.

Updated Blue and White Books for 2017 now available

The annual updates to the Blue Book and White Book have been made by the Laws & Ethics Committee. There finalised versions can now be viewed and downloaded.

There is also a summary 'poster' covering the significant changes in the Blue Book. This is available for clubs to print off and make available on their noticeboard, or to distribute to interested members.

Please note that new regulations relating to ‘strong’ bids have replaced the Extended Rule of 25 - see the Blue Book for more details.

The content of these books applies to all events held on or after 1st August 2017.