Club TD Refresher Course


Anyone who has been on the Club TD training course will know that, in many cases, you deal with more rulings on the course than you do in the rest of your lifetime directing at the Club. You will get the usual clutch of bids out of turn, leads out of turn, revokes and penalty cards, but many people never have to deal with the more juicy things. That isn't to say they don't happen – it’s just you never get called to sort them out.

This course is designed for Club TDs who need more experience of rulings and is ideal preparation for the County Director’s Course held annually in September.

There are 40 situations to look at; book rulings, judgement rulings and, in some cases, good old-fashioned common-sense. Some are quite intricate and others straightforward, but hopefully they will all make you think.

This course is provided free of charge


On completion of the course, participants will:

  • Have a clearer and deeper understanding of the Laws and Directives governing duplicate bridge; and how they should be applied when giving rulings.
  • Be aware of, and understand the reason for any changes in the Laws and Directives, or their interpretation, made during the preceding year;
  • Be up to date in respect of available items such as literature, manuals and software, relevant to movements and scoring appropriate at club level.

Content & duration

The course consists of 40 directing situations.

Some are just book rulings whilst others are judgement rulings. One or two require practical solutions of real directing problems. Most of the situations are genuine The course will be conducted through the EBU website. As this is an online course, you can spend as long as you like working through the problems.

Who is the Course for?

Qualified Club Tournament Directors who wish to improve their knowledge of the Laws and Directives governing duplicate bridge, and maintain or raise their level of performance as Club Directors. It provides suitable training for Club TDs wishing to progress to the County Course.


You should have a personal Copies of the following:

These may be conveniently downloaded for reference to a laptop computer, Kindle or other eReader. For a full list of the EBU’s Laws & Ethics Publications, including several useful articles, please see here.

Not essential but possibly also of interest is “The EBU book of Duplicate Bridge Movements” edited by John Manning.

Printed copies of this and other EBU publications are available from The Bridge Warehouse

The Course

John Pain has provided his expertise to produce an updated and corrected set of questions with answers at the end of the document.

You can download the coursebook here


For questions on bridge organisation - movements, scoring and so on then please contact Ian Mitchell at