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 ====== Finalising a Knockout ====== ====== Finalising a Knockout ======
-You can't do this yourself yet! If your event is finished ​and you would like to get it processed ​for masterpoints and UM subscription payments, please [[|email Michael]] and let him knowAs this is still a new system there are some things ​that need to be looked over before we commit ​the event permanently.+To finalise a knockout, simply click on the button at the top of the knockout page, //Finalise Knockout//. This will ask you to confirm that you're sure, so if you are then hit Ok and you're done! However, before finalising ​it's a good idea to make sure that: 
 +  - There are no unplayed matches. 
 +  - Every match includes the lineup of players who played in that match. This is absolutely necessary ​for the winning team, and not so important for the losing team. 
 +  - The setup of the Rounds includes the masterpoint awards. If you don't fill this in, your players won't earn any masterpoints! 
 +We process ​masterpoints and subscription payments ​once a monthon or shortly after the 8th. 
 +If you've made a mistake or get a late change of result then please [[|contact the EBU immediately]]. It is much easier to fix things before we process ​the knockout than afterwards.
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