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-====== Note for users of the Edge browser ====== 
-Some members have mentioned that the new Microsoft Edge browser is causing problems with uploading files to the members area. This does not happen with everybody, and so far we have been unable to reproduce any error ourselves, but there have been enough similar requests that it's worth writing this note. Edge is a very new browser and it will have its bugs and issues. 
-===== Things to try ===== 
-  - [[https://​​how-to-clear-cache-and-cookies-in-microsoft-edge-browser|Clear your browser cache]]. This will ensure that your browser has the most recent version of the website software. Once you've cleared the cache, refresh the members area and try again. 
-  - One member reported that if the upload fails, immediately trying again will often work. So don't give up and assume it's broken. Give it another try and you might be fine. 
-  - Try a different browser. [[https://​​en-GB/​firefox/​new/​|Firefox]] and [[https://​​chrome/​|Chrome]] are generally regarded as the best ones, but Internet Explorer - which you will probably have installed already - will also work. If the problem still occurs on the other browser, then you may have an unrelated problem. 
-===== Why don't you fix the issue? ===== 
-We would if we could, but it's very difficult to fix an issue that we can't reproduce here. In all of our tests the website has worked fine on Edge, and we haven'​t been able to identify a common factor with those who have reported problems. We are currently taking the position that this is a Microsoft problem. 
-Also, our new [[https://​​members/​v2|My EBU]] area will allow file uploads in the New Year, so the problem will likely go away when people start using that.