Minibridge is a simplified version of the game of bridge and is the route into bridge recommended by the English Bridge Union, the national governing body for bridge in England.

Minibridge was first developed in France and the Netherlands as an introduction to bridge for schoolchildren and was soon acknowledged as an excellent game in its own right.

Card playing helps children to identify numbers, colours, similarities and sequences. By the age of six or seven, many children own or have access to a computer in the home or at school, and the first thing they often try to do is play the free card games that are available. Children love being clever and working things out - and winning. These are all possible when children learn to play Minibridge, but because it is a partnership game they will also learn that they need to co-operate, share information and combine as a team to beat the opposition.

But Minibridge is not just a game for the younger age group. It can be taught to any age, to pupils and students in primary, secondary and tertiary education right through to adults. It is widely used as a precursor to learning bridge for all ages and is universally found to be both effective and enjoyable.

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