October 2017

Is it a sport? Try this quiz...

The old question of "what is a sport?" has arisen again as 'pole sports' (which you may associate with 'pole dancing') have taken a significant step towards full recognition in the UK as a 'sport'.

This, and our recent legal cases (on which we hope to have more news in the not too distant future), has prompted the Telegraph to produce a quiz asking 'sport or not?'.

Give it a try here.

Halkidiki Congress a great success

Many EBU members have returned home this week after a great congress in Greece. Halkidiki was the venue for what Congress Manager Peter Jordan - a veteran of many Overseas Congresses - described as "a great success", rating the hotel and staff as "the best yet".

Gad Chadha and Debbie Sandford were the winners of the Swiss Pairs competition, finishing on 139 VPs from their ten matches. Alison Pollok & Ann Slee were second with 135 VPs and Cathy Smith & Andrew Smith were third with 134 VPs.

The Swiss Teams competition was won by Joy Blakey, Irving Blakey, Sandy Davies & Tom Gisborne. They scored 131 VPs in their ten matches, finishing 2 VPs ahead of Tim Matthews, Babs Matthews, Bill White & Joyce White.

To see a list of the other winners click 'read more'.

The next Overseas Congress will take place in Budapest in February - see here for more details.

Autumn Congress - change of venue on Friday afternoon

The EBU Autumn Congress takes place 20th - 22nd October. Entries are still being taken for all competitions - the two-day 2 Star Pairs, one-day Swiss Pairs, one-day Teams-of-Four Championships, and Really Easy Afternoon.

Unfortunately the venue - Wokefield Park - has told us that they are unable to provide us with the space for which we had contracted on Friday, until 5pm. Obviously we are very unhappy about this but have little alternative except to make other arrangements for the first session on Friday, which is what we have done.

The first session on Friday - the first session of the Two Stars Pairs, and the Really Easy Afternoon - will take place at a venue on the Reading University Campus. We will then relocate to Wokefield Park for the remainder of the congress. For more details, please click 'read more' below.

England's Women compete in China - Brown/Brock 2nd in pairs

The England Women are in action in the 2017 Beijing Hua Yuan Cup Elite Bridge Tournament.

In the opening pairs tournament, featuring 24 pairs, Fiona Brown & Sally Brock finished second, Lizzie Godfrey & Nevena Senior were fourth, and Catherine Draper & Nicola Smith were twelfth.

The event continues with a teams tournament from Wednesday to Saturday. A team from Scotland is also taking part.

Entries open for European Open Team trials

The EBU will hold trials for pairs to represent the England Open Team in the 2018 European Team Championships.
The trials, scored by Ximps, will be held over 4 full days, 12th to 15th January 2018, at the Young Chelsea BC. The top two pairs will be selected for the team, plus Tony Forrester & Andrew Robson who have been pre-selected.
The number of pairs in the trials will be limited. Applications should be made to dawn@ebu.co.uk by 7th November 2017. Accepted pairs will be notified by 10th November. The cost of entry is £150 per player.

Patterson wins Gold Cup

Congratulations to the Patterson team - Derek Patterson, Willie Whittaker, Andrew Black, Gunnar Hallberg, Phil King and Andrew McIntosh - who have won the 2016/17 BGB Gold Cup. They had an interesting series of matches, winning their Quarter-Final against Hackett by 1 IMP, then their Semi-Final against Allfrey by 1 IMP, and finally the Final against Brock by ... 127 IMPs!

The losing finalists were Sally Brock, Neil Rosen, Barry Myers, Martin Jones, Norman Selway and Kay Preddy (photo), who had beaten Reardon by 33 IMPs on Saturday. The finals were held at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club in London.

Prize competition underway on Funbridge

The ladder competition for the EBU's online games is underway. The members with the highest cumulative score from their best four results each month will win prizes - see here for more details.

As a prelude to that we ran an unofficial competition in September, with the top three scorers each receiving a copy of the GOTO Bridge software, kindly donated by Funbridge.

The usernames of the winners were: LiliasL, DoctorOctopus, and Pembos.

The results for that competition are available here.

For more details on playing in our online games on Funbridge, please see this FAQ page.