Admin Corner

Thank you to all the clubs which have helped us to improve the amount and accuracy of the information on our membership database.

How you can help

There are various administrative aspects with which the EBU staff would very much appreciate your assistance.

If you need help with any of these administrative aspects please see this webpage, which contains video tutorial to help you, or please contact us.

Please remember: When a member joins your club you need to add them to the membership list on the EBU database. Simply adding them to the scoring program you use is not sufficient.

If your club is the only one of which they are a member then only when you add them to your membership list will they start to earn Magazine Points, for example. Please check all your members appear on the members list which is available through the club’s account in the members area of the website – Help using the members area is available here -

In addition you can help us with the following:

Note that removal from your Club’s member list will not affect their EBU status if they are a direct member of the EBU or a member of another EBU-affiliated club. For deceased members, please also send an email to