Is it a sport? Try this quiz...

The old question of "what is a sport?" has arisen again as 'pole sports' (which you may associate with 'pole dancing') have taken a significant step towards full recognition in the UK as a 'sport'.

This, and our recent legal cases (on which we hope to have more news in the not too distant future), has prompted the Telegraph to produce a quiz asking 'sport or not?'.

Give it a try here.

Halkidiki Congress a great success

Many EBU members have returned home this week after a great congress in Greece. Halkidiki was the venue for what Congress Manager Peter Jordan - a veteran of many Overseas Congresses - described as "a great success", rating the hotel and staff as "the best yet".

Gad Chadha and Debbie Sandford were the winners of the Swiss Pairs competition, finishing on 139 VPs from their ten matches. Alison Pollok & Ann Slee were second with 135 VPs and Cathy Smith & Andrew Smith were third with 134 VPs.

The Swiss Teams competition was won by Joy Blakey, Irving Blakey, Sandy Davies & Tom Gisborne. They scored 131 VPs in their ten matches, finishing 2 VPs ahead of Tim Matthews, Babs Matthews, Bill White & Joyce White.

To see a list of the other winners click 'read more'.

The next Overseas Congress will take place in Budapest in February - see here for more details.


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