Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that your browser saves to your computer and which help it to remember who you are, for example when saving your user preferences between visits. A comprehensive description of how they work can be found at the BBC web page on the subject.

The EBU uses a small number of cookies on to facilitate certain features and to help us provide a better service. Some of the uses include:

  • Remembering your user name and password so you don't have to log into the members area with each new visit.
  • Compiling visitor statistics so that we know which pages are popular and which ones aren't getting the audience they should.
  • Some of our third-party features, such as embedded Youtube videos and the Paypal button in our events booking area set a cookie.

If you do not want our website to save cookies then please disable them in your browser settings. You should still be able to view most of the pages without any noticeable loss of service. Instructions for how to do this will vary from browser to browser but there is a long list at (they even include a delicious recipe for making your own!).