Shahzaad Natt

Date of birth: 25.01.1994
City: London
How did you take up bridge? I was stranded at an airport for a long time with three friends, so they taught me, and I got hooked. From that moment onwards I did little else with my spare time. (The reason that we were stuck at the airport is that one of my friends managed to lose his passport on the plane, and he eventually got deported).
Bridge Club? I normally go to the Young Chelsea in London. I occasionally go to Richmond Bridge Club (if I want to play on the weekends). When I'm at university I go to Coventry Bridge Club (or West Midlands).
Favourite Music? I have a somewhat eclectic taste in music, enjoying a mixture of Rachmaninoff, The Doors, Rammstein, Katy Perry, Eminem, Radiohead and Mystery Jets to name a few. My favourite piece in particular is without a doubt Chopin's Ballade in F minor. (I might go and see the graves of Jim Morrison and Chopin whilst I am here).
Biggest failing at the table? I have a tendency to double quite a lot of part scores (at matchpoints that is), and it often takes extremely careful defense to beat said contracts. It's quite frustrating when I double and it should go one off, but I'm not careful enough.
Most important attribute in a partner? I think it's most important to play with a partner who has a style that suits me. It's comforting to know that you and your partner have the same sort of philosophy when it comes to bidding. I wouldn't enjoy partnering someone who always play down the middle, but at the same time I definitely would not get on with someone who psyches as a matter of course, or routinely overbids. Most of my partners play in an aggressive but at the same time sound way. I think we normally get a good mixture of scientific and direct (uninformative to the opposition) bidding.
Other interests? I don't have too many others, but I also enjoy : reading, listening to music, pub quizzes and general knowledge competitions (I am second-in-charge of my university's quiz society), going for walks, German poetry and literature, going to the gym, and photography.