Gerard Faulkner Salver

Introduced in 2002, the Seniors Knockout Teams for the Gerard Faulkner Salver has proved to be very popular event.

It is open to teams consisting of four to six players, all of whom are EBU members born in 1958 or earlier.

New format to give all non-seeded teams at least two matches.
Teams losing their first round match will then be paired with another losing team from round 1 and the winner of this tie will progress to round 2.

A minimum of four and maximum of eight teams will be seeded including the finalists from the previous year, if known.
Seeds will be exempt from the first two rounds*, and will not meet before the quarter-finals. Teams defeating seeds adopt seeded status.

The event is played as a knockout throughout, with matches played privately. Matches prior to the semi-finals will be played over 32 boards, the semi-finals 40 boards, and the final 48 boards. Matches in the early stages will be arranged so as to avoid long journeys wherever possible.

Online Games

Teams will be able to agree to play matches online if they wish, but this option requires the agreement of both teams. Matches that are played online will be governed by the Supplementary Regulations for Matches Played Online.

Holders - 2017

Richard Edwards (capt), Tony McNiff, Bill Townsend, Dave Robinson, Robert Ross, Robin Jepson

Current results

Results of the current competition are available here:
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To be completed by


28th August 2017


29th October 2017


7th January 2018


4th March 2018


22nd April 2018


10th June 2018


29th July 2018


Arranged by mutual agreement between the finalists

Entry Fees

£77 per team - 2018/19 competition rates

The closing date for entries is 31st May 2018

Master Points

Master Points will be awarded in the form of Green Points for each round won as follows (based on an entry of over 64 teams):

Round I IA II III IV QF SF Final
GPs 1 1 1 2 2 3 4 6

All awards quoted are ‘per player’. To receive points, a player must have played in at least one third of the boards involved in the match in question.


Level 4 agreements are permitted in this event.

Halfway venues

Some clubs are available for hire by teams wishing to hold a knockout match at a 'halfway venue'. A list of some of these is available here.

Terms and Conditions