The Tony Priday Award

The Award, in memory of Tony Priday, is given for an outstanding contribution to bridge and enhancing the game in all its aspects.

It was presented for the first time in 2015.

2016 winner

Jeff Smith

Presented to Jeff for his contribution of his bridge program which has been available without cost to clubs all over the world, is the basis of EBUScore and also is the basis for all of the EBU scoring programs in its own tournaments over many years.

Jeff was on the EBU Laws & Ethics Committee from 2002-2003, is a qualified County TD and a Premier Grand Master.

2015 winner

Bernard Teltscher

Fittingly the inaugural award was made to a partner of Tony Priday in many international events, Bernard Teltscher. As recently as 2014 they played in the 2014 Teltscher Trophy, with the Great Britain team finishing second, and Tony & Bernard finishing second in the cross-imp scoring.

The Teltscher Trophy is the 'Senior Camrose' event, so named as Bernard 'established’ and funded the Senior Camrose event. He has also been a long time sponsor and supporter of the Lederer Trophy event, ensuring its place as one of the most important events on the bridge calendar.

Bernard is President of the London Metropolitan Bridge Association, and restarted Cambridge BC, in 1946, which had been dormant during the war, acting as its President.

Bernard has been a supporter of many other bridge activities, including supporting university bridge teams, and his generosity is further exemplified by the fact he is the only EBU member to recognise the work of the EBU staff through the giving of a gift at Christmas.

Bernard's biography and interview