A free trial at Bridge Club Live for EBU Members

EBU Members who are not already members of Bridge Club Live (BCL) can enjoy a free, 50 day trial of the online bridge website. The free trial will allow you to try out BCL, to see if you enjoy playing online when you're not able to play at your local club. Simply register via the link below, and start playing.

BCL is affiliated with the EBU as an Online Affiliated Club, and is able to issue Master Points for their sessions which meet the necessary requirements for points to be awarded.

The Online Affiliated Club category, and the Online Knockout Teams competition, were introduced to help EBU members who have difficulty playing ‘face-to-face’ with their regular partner, and those in more remote parts of the country, to become more involved in ‘affiliated’ competitions organised by the EBU or by affiliated clubs.

The Master Points awarded are full value ‘local points’, and count towards all EBU Master Point rankings. They can be earned in most BCL competitions. Playing at an Online Affiliated Club does not, however, afford the player some of the benefits which would come from participation at a ‘face-to-face’ club – the player does not become a member of the EBU through Universal Membership; magazine points cannot be earned through these competitions; the results will not be included in the National Grading Scheme.

More information on Bridge Club Live, and other options for playing online, is available via our Online Bridge webpage.