England retain Junior Camrose; 3rd in Peggy Bayer

The England Under 26 team have won the Junior Camrose for the fourth year in a row. The team of Shivam Shah, Freddie Illingworth, Toby Nonnenmacher, Michael Alishaw, Basil Letts and Sean Mekie with NPC Alan Shillitoe were run close by the Scottish juniors who were ahead at the half-way point but a very strong second half, including a 20-0 victory over the Scottish hosts, saw them pull ahead and win by 13 VPs.

In the Peggy Bayer, the Under 21 team were going well through the first two round-robins, winning 5 out of their 6 matches, but had a disappointing final third, losing to Scotland and Ireland who ended up winning comfortably. Four of the England team were playing for the Under 15s just last year, so there is much promise there for the future.