Women's Trials

2017/2018 trials

European Championships Trials

Information regarding the timings and format can be found in the Conditions of Contest below.

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Draws and Conditions of Contest

The trials will be for teams of 4 players and will be held over 4 days, on the 2nd to 5th March 2018 at Young Chelsea Bridge Club.

The winning team will qualify for selection. A further pair, who may or may not have competed in the trial, will be selected by the Selection Committee.

The number of teams in the trials will be limited and the Selection Committee will give regard to the performance of all members of the team at International and national level when admitting teams to the trial.

Applications should be made to dawn@ebu.co.uk by 29th January 2018. Accepted teams will be notified by 2nd February 2018. The cost of entry is £150 per player.

2017/18 Entries

Seale   Catherine Seale, Catherine Curtis, Lizzie Godfrey, Susanna Gross
Bakhshi   Heather Bakhshi, Marusa Basa, Ewa Kater, Claire Robinson
Senior   Nevena Senior, Heather Dhondy, Catherine Draper, Gillian Fawcett
Brock   Sally Brock, Fiona Brown, Nicola Smith, Yvonne Wiseman

Lady Milne Trials

The trials took place at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club on 26th-28th January and were limited to 16 pairs.

The top two finishing pairs were offered a place in the Lady Milne Trophy with the third pair to be decided by the Selection Committee.

The Lady Milne competition will be held in Scotland on 13th-15th April at the Holiday Inn, Edinburgh, which is located next to the Zoo.

The dedicated website for the 2018 lady Milne Trophy is http://ladymilne2018.sbu.org.uk/


Regulations and Conditions of contest