Women's Trials

2017/2018 trials

The Lady Milne Trials are to be held at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club 26th-28th January 2018.

The Lady Milne Trophy will be held on the 13th - 23rd April 2017, Scotland; venue to be advised.

2016/2018 Results*

* Results will be uploaded on the linked page when available.

2017/18 Entries

To be posted.

2017/18 Schedule

Please note the schedule is likely to be different from that which was previously available, and will be made available as soon as possible along with the specific regulations relating to this event.
The schedule is contained in the Specific Conditions of Contest below.


2016/17 Entries

Applications for entry has now closed. Applications were subject to approval of the EBU Selection Committee and entry to the Trials was limited to 16 pairs.

Accepted pairs for 2017 Lady Milne Trials

Kath Stynes & Debbie Sandford
Catherine Seale & Catherine Draper
Belinda Bridgen & Frances Liew
Heather Bakhshi & Claire Robinson
Rowena Clow & Hannah Cornfield
Allison Green & Nicola Smith
Pauline Cohen & Gail Hoffman
Lyn Fry & Lizzie Godfrey
Anne Rosen & Sarah O’Connor
Brigid Battiscombe & Nevena Senior
Heather Dhondy & Abbey Smith
Helen Erichsen & Fiona Brown
Christine Jepson & Catherine Curtis
Sally Brock & Susanna Gross
Sarah Ewart & Ewa Kater
Yvonne Wiseman & Bryony Youngs