Members wanted for new 'prosecution panel'

The EBU is modifying the way that it goes about prosecuting disciplinary cases. From early 2017 there will be a prosecution panel of around 10-12 people.

Its tasks will be to

    a. Decide if a case referred to it by the Laws & Ethics Committee should be pursued
    b. If it is decided to pursue it then one of its number may act as the prosecutor in a hearing

If a case goes to the panel then three members of the panel will be picked to decide on appropriate action. This should help to ensure that it does not become a significant burden for the members of the panel. At present around two or three cases are referred each year.

Disciplinary procedures are contained in the EBU Bye laws which can be found here.

Most of the time matters may be decided by email or Skype conference but occasionally a meeting may be required for which reasonable travelling expenses will be paid.

If you are interested in serving in this panel then please contact the Secretary to the Laws & Ethics committee ( by January 20th 2017.