Software installation underway

On Friday we began the installation our of new Membership Management system in the Aylesbury offices. This will be a substantial undertaking and so we ask our clubs and members for patience during the transition period.

The process necessitated a suspension to some activities which require access to our database. During the installation it will therefore not be possible for us, members, or club administrators/scorers, to do the following:

  • submit session files
  • update any members' information
  • process any competition entries or payments
  • access the members area of the website

Some other activities may also be affected. For more information please see this previous news item.

Please note that the EBU Shop will continue trading as normal during this period as it uses a parallel system.

We hope that all systems will be up and running again by the end of this week (24th March), but we will update this news item if we are working ahead of, or behind, schedule with any services.

Competition entries: During the time when the system is offline any entries will be taken with pen and paper, and no payment can be taken. Therefore we would prefer, if possible, that you delay making your entry until our systems are online again.

Club updates and submissions: If clubs have sessions to upload, or members' information to update, during this 'down period' please set them to one side and make the submission or update when the system comes back on line.

Thank you for your patience during this period, and we hope that the upgrade allows us to provide a better service to all members in future.

Thursday 23th, 4:03pm update: Whilst the installation is going well there have been, as is often the case, one or two unforeseen issues which has meant that progress has been a little delayed. We will post another update here tomorrow with further information on when we hope to be fully operational again.

Friday 17th, 12:18 update: My EBU and the Members Area have now been taken offline. If you were logged on while it went down, you may see some erratic behaviour. Sorry about this.