Entries open for European Mixed teams trials

The EBL’s European Mixed Teams Championship takes place Friday 22nd – Thursday 28th February 2019 (venue to be confirmed).

The EBU is intending to hold trials for the mixed team to represent England. These will be held on the weekend of 7th-9th September 2018. Depending on entries, there may then be a play-off between the leading two teams to be played on 8/9 December or earlier with the teams’ agreement.

Entry fees for the trials are £420 per team, and applications for the trials are invited from teams of 4 to 6 players, with mixed partnerships. The closing date for applications to dawn@ebu.co.uk is 29th June 2018. The EBU will pay entry fees to the European Championships and will provide uniform, but other than that participation is self-funded.