Entries open for Senior Trials

Entries are invited for: the 2018 Teltscher Trophy Trials, which take place 16th-17th December; and the 2018 European Seniors Trials which take place over two weekends - 3rd-4th February and playoffs 10th-11th March.

The venue for all three weekends will be the West Midlands Bridge Club.

Applications should be made to dawn@ebu.co.uk by 30th September 2017

Osborne & Wood and Pownall team win at Northern Midweek Congress

The Northern Midweek Congress took place in Harrogate this week, with Graham Osborne (Surrey) & Philip Wood (London) and the Pownall team winning the two competitions.

Graham & Philip won the Championship Pairs with a score of 62.46%. Damian Hassan & Clive Owen (both North East) were second with 59.83%, and Derek Oram & Celia Oram (both Herts) were third with 59.12%.

The Swiss Teams was won by Mike Pownall (London), Mia Deschepper, Helen Houston & Steve Webb. They lost only one of their seven matches, finishing with 107 VPs. There was a tie for second on 97 VPs between the team of Val Gibson, Nichola Cockerill-Smith, Beverley Godfrey (all North East) and Pearl Murphy (Yorkshire), and the team of Stuart Davies, George Bak, Gill Copeland & Steve Blackburn (all Yorkshire).

Shivam Shah wins two medals at World Youth Open Championship

Congratulations to Shivam Shah (right) who has won a bronze medal in the teams competition at the World Youth Open Championships.

Shivam was playing with Christian Bakke (of Norway) and Guillermo Minutti (of Uruguay) & Maximo Crusizio (of Argentina)in the Villa Fabbriche team.

Stephen Kennedy & Michael Alishaw, and Ben Norton with Noah Thomas Apteker of South Africa, were narrowly defeated in the quarterfinals. In the BAM event which followed they were lying third prior to the final round, but had to withdraw. Shiavm's team carried on where they had left off, however, joining the competition and going on to take the silver medal.

The English players also put in good performances in the Pairs competition, although they missed out on the medals. Shivam, playing with Christian, finished 6th, Stephen & Michael were 8th, and Ben, playing with Noah, was 9th.


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