Junior and teaching awards presented at the Summer Meeting

At the Summer Meeting four awards have been presented to those who have excelled in junior bridge, and to those who have made significant contribution to the teaching of young players.

Young Player of the Year: Ben Norton
Young Pair of the Year: Stephen Kennedy & Michael Alishaw
The Alec Salisbury Award winner: Sarah Bell
The Tom Bradley Award winner: Jessica & Anton Mauve

The achievements of Ben, and of Stephen & Michael, during the period in consideration have been numerous. They have all been mainstays of the junior international squads which have enjoyed a good run of results recently - culminating in all four teams qualifying for the 2018 World Championships - and in domestic bridge they have all won titles at major EBU congresses. The links above give more detailed information.

The Alec Salisbury Award recognises a school teacher who has made a significant contribution to junior bridge. Sarah Bell, of St Paul's Girls School, was instrumental in the establishment of the U16 squad, and in the success that came about so quickly for the team. She has also established a bridge club at the school and has contributed to the development and growth of the Junior Award Scheme.

Jessica & Anton Mauve have been key in the burgeoning junior bridge scene in Kent, and were presented with the Tom Bradley Award, which recognises the 'non-school-teachers' who have made a significant contribution to youth bridge.

Missing diaries to be dispatched

We are aware that there are some members who will have expected to receive a diary, but haven't yet had it delivered to them. We have identified a glitch which occurred when the data was transferred from our old membership database to our new system and this resulted in some members being omitted from the mailing list. We believe we have corrected our records and are working to dispatch all missing diaries over the coming days, so they should be received soon. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

If you were expecting a diary, and have not received one, please wait until 20th August before contacting us about it to allow time for the second dispatch of diaries to be delivered.

Allfrey & Robson retain Swiss Pairs at the Summer Meeting

Alexander Allfrey & Andrew Robson retained the Harold Poster Trophy for the Swiss Pairs Championship at the Summer Meeting yesterday. Jeremy Dhondy & Andy Hughes were second, the top pair in the B Stratification were Shahzaad Natt & Ambrose Holmes-Mackie, and the top pair in the C Stratification were Jonathan Davis & Kiril Delev.

Results, reports, pictures and articles from the Summer Meeting are all available on the Summer Meeting Hub.

English success at ACBL Summer Nationals

The team of Tom Paske, Alexander Hydes, Sarah Bell & Marusa Basa have won the Freeman Mixed Board-a-Match (Point-a-Board) at the ACBL Summer Nationals in Toronto. They won the four-session competition by just over half a board.

Isaac Barden was part of a winning pair (playing with Lukasz Kucharczyk of Canada) in the junior competition, the Morning Cardrook Pairs.

Update: Not to be outdone by his son, Paul Barden, playing with Graham Osborne and Americans Robert Bell and Lou Reich, won the snappily titled Saturday/Sunday Knockout Teams 1 on the final weekend of the event.

Further update: David Gold and Mike Bell reached the semi-final of the Spingold Teams, one of the most prestigious events on the ACBL calendar. Playing with Richard Schwartz, Jerry Stamatov and Diyan Danailov they lost to the Lavazza team in the final four.


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